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If you used Checker this wouldn't happen! Do defects creep into your products?

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Checker is a high speed, stand-alone inspection system. It is designed and engineered like no other vision system; with optics, sensor, processor and software all integrated into a single, compact package. It's also inexpensive. Why not try one today.Rugged construction.

What makes Checker so easy to install?

We have tried to think of everything. Thanks to superb design, installation is completed in 6 straightforward steps.

What makes Checker so easy to use?Completely self contained.

Setting up your application couldn't be simpler. Just follow the 6 stages of the Checker Windows interface.

What makes Checker so powerful?

We have incorporated the best features available into every aspect of the design:

High quality sensor with instantaneous grab for consistent image capture
Software adjustable shutter speed, eliminates the need for strobe lighting
Ultra-fast image processor inspects at up to 50 images per second
Highly robust, tamper-proof, stainless steel, IP67 rated enclosure
Lens mount, lens clamp and back focus adjustment integral to design
Both discrete inputs and outputs, and serial interfaces are provided to production line

Where can Checker be used?

Checker can be used on virtually any production line. Here are just a few of the application examples:

Pharmaceutical - tablet counting
Food - portion control
Beverage - top and level checking
Electronics - assembly verification
Packaging - carton loading
Printing - alignment confirmation
Automotive - assembly inspection
Textile - thread monitoring

Checker Quick Reference Technical Specifications:

Operation: Construction:
True asynchronous shutter for instantaneous grab All external surfaces and fasteners stainless steel
Shutter range 1/50 - 1/30,000 sec 5 axis mounting bracket
Grab and processing resolution 360 x 256 "C" type lens mount, lens/focus/aperture clamp
Ultra-fast DSP for image processing Continuously adjustable and lockable back focus
Up to 50 parts per second Maximum lens and back focus length 90mm (60mm dia)
Non-volatile flash memory for storing inspections Front window clamped in place for easy replacement
3 input & 5 output lines for machine interfacing Operating temperature range 0 - 120F, weight 1.5 kg
Serial line for PC and PLC data output Water or air cooling sleeve available
Power requirements 24V +/- 20% 0.1A Highly robust casing, protected to IP67 (certified)
3 x IP67 rated connectors on back panel UL and CE certified connections
RS232 to output results 8 way serial - RS232 or RS422 to PC or keypad
10 way I/O - power in/out 24v DC 4 way power - in/out 24v DC, video out
Outputs - pass/fail, result ready, system running, error alarm, grabbing image Inputs - trigger grab, inspect enable, alarm reset
No expansion cards needed, uses PC serial port Easy 6 step point and click software
Switch between 16 different inspection programs True on-line help always available
Up to 20 different checks on each image  

Can't see the demo running? Download Shockwave now.

Up To 10 line checks (6 straight, 4 ring)

  Up To 10 area checks (6 rectangular, 5 circular, 5 ring)
Gauge (width of largest light or dark "stripe")
Position (find horizontal and vertical position of first light or dark edge)
Center (position of largest object under line)
Count Features (# of light or dark objects under the line)
Angles (2 vectors finding 2 edges then calculating edge)
Presence (% of line covering area)
  Area (total area of all light or dark regions)
Percent coverage (% of region covered by light or dark)
Size (height and width of all light or dark regions)
Brightness (average brightness or intensity based on 0 - 255)
Texture (returns 0 for no texture and an increased value for increased texture)
Center (find center of all light or dark regions)
Ring (4 different ring checks)
Arc (width of light or dark object on the ring returned as an angle to center of ring)
Direction (direction of light or dark region on the ring returned as an angle to the center)
Presence (% of ring that lies over the light or dark region)
Count Features (count light or dark regions on the ring)




Download the software .



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