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Vision Systems Engineering is proud to introduce the NEW Smart CKR. Smart CKR is a rugged miniaturized machine vision system suitable for all industries and targeted to the most common machine vision applications. This completely self-contained vision system is housed in a stainless steel enclosure and incorporates a ring of white LED's for illumination. It is easily programmable by a simple push button which will "learn" the inspection and provides a row of 6 "output" LED's to indicate the quality of the match. Download the InteliCount software now!

Smart CKR is a compact, lightweight optical sensor equipped with a high-resolution CMOS chip capable of black-and-white operation.

Only one supply voltage is required to operate the sensor (24 volts). PLC compliant I/O's with a 24V operating voltage and a RS232 serial interface allow for communication with the outside world. It has a trigger input for a proximity sensor and provides 4 outputs supplied by 24V DC.

CKR Smart Sensors feature a built in high-performance DSP with 80 Kbytes of on-chip memory that does all the necessary processing. The CKR series of smart cameras set new standards for performance and integration density.

These systems were designed for industrial machine vision applications. High goals were set regarding image resolution, sturdiness of the case, and electromagnetic compatibility. These are real world factory floor examples of the manufacturing standards we have set for ourselves. Smart CKR is insensitive to vibration and shock, while permitting precise repeatable measurements and tests.

Here are some specific examples of where Smart CKR can be used:

Checking for holograms on checks
Bottle cap presence
Label placement
Check for missing components
Verifying size and shape of glass bottles
Check that correct end of aerosol can is pointing up before the end is fitted
Detect presence of piston rings
Detect presence of body, O-ring, and cap on pipe assembly
Quality of printing
Presence of date code
Presence of lot number
Detect flaws and date stamps on can lid

All of this and more for less than you might think!
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Technical Specifications:  
Sensor: 1/3" HDCS 2020
Number of pixels: 640(H) x 480(V)
Pixel size: 7.4(H) x 7.4(V) µm
Chip size: 4.74(H) x 3.55(V) mm
Dynamic Range: 60dB
Programmable Gain: 1-40 (255 steps)
Shutter speed: 0.5 sec - 4 sec in 0.5 sec steps
Integration: Electronic Rolling Snap (ERS) / progressive scan
Picture taking: without delay, program-controlled or triggered externally, full-frame
Video format: programmable window, sub sampling 1:2 (H/V) and 1:4
A/D conversion: 8/10-bit / max 6.25 MHz
Frame rate: 11.5 fps for VGA resolution / 33.4 fps for 4:1 sub sampling (320 x 240)
Image display: none (on computer screen with InteliCount software)
Processor: Analog Devices ADSP2185 signal processor 75 MHz
Image/data memory: none
Flash EPROM: 512 Kbytes flash EPROM (nonvolatile memory) for programs
Process interface: 2 inputs / 4 outputs @24 V, outputs 4x400 mA / LED monitoring
Output Protection: 0.5 - 2.0 A over-current protection + internal thermal protection
Serial interface: RS232 standard 115200 baud / max
Video output: none (RS232 with InteliCount software)
Illumination: built-in, 8 high-efficiency white LED's
Power supply: built-in switching power supply
Supply voltage: 24V +/-10% DC, max. 50 mA (1.2 W) + 1600 mA (38W) for I/O
Electrical connections: Hirose (12 pin)
Operating temperature: 0 C to 45 C, 80% relative humidity, non-condensing
Storage temperature: -20 C to 60 C, 90% relative humidity, non-condensing
Thermal resistance: camera body temperature to ambient air = 4K/W
Shock acceleration: < 50g
Vibrations: < 3g (11 - 200 Hz)
Dimensions: l=100 d=30 mm, metric thread
Lens type: d=12 mm lenses
Weight: approx. 100g

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