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Introducing the NEW CMV 1000 line scan sensor!!

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Vision Systems Engineering, Ltd., a world leader in the design and manufacture of smart sensor machine vision systems, is proud to introduce a new series of line scan sensors. At VSE, we specialize in industrial applications where accuracy, repeatability, high speed and ease of use are important requirements. Our products are sold throughout the world through a network of systems integrators, machine builders, and international distributors.

The CKR series of image sensors are compact, rugged systems that include video memory and an image processor. The CMV 1000S is enclosed in an IP67 rated housing. They integrate a high-resolution CMOS sensor with a fast image-processing signal processor. Easy to use interfaces allow communication with the outside world. The CMV series uses image acquisition technology that maintains optimum image stability and repeatability. Sensor, image-acquisition electronics, and computer are integrated into a single stainless steel unit to allow dynamic access to the array without image float or flutter. This combined with its high-speed, high-resolution imaging (1024 pixels at up to 10,000 lines per second) capabilities make the CMV the ideal factory tool.

The CMV family of line scan sensors utilizes a series of high performance linear image sensors designed for a wide variety of applications as a superior CMOS replacement. The CMV series is ideal for continuous illumination as well as strobed applications. The sensors are sensitive to UV to near IR light as can be seen in the graph. .Data below 350nm was not measured, but the sensor is sensitive to 200nm. Each pixel is reset as it is read, guaranteeing each pixel integrates for the same amount of time.

Only single supply voltage is required to operate the camera and peripheral components (24 volts DC). An image processing system or a PC with a frame grabber board is not necessary. Simple control problems can even be implemented with the integrated process interfaces. For more complex control tasks, the sensors can be connected to a PLC.
These image sensors are built for industrial applications. High goals were set regarding image resolution, sturdiness of the case, and electromagnetic compatibility. These are typical examples of the manufacturing standards we have set for ourselves. The sensors are insensitive to vibrations and shocks, while permitting precise measurements and tests.

From application evaluation to system design to installation, training and service, VSE and its global distributors offer a complete, turnkey package, including a full line of peripheral components, such as, lighting, optics, and dedication to finish the task.

Technical Specifications:

Sensor: 1/3" SONY ICX084AL
Number of pixels: 1024 x 1
Pixel size: 125(H) x 7.8(V) µm
Chip size: 10.16(H) x 11.58(V)mm
High-speed shutter: up to 1/10,000 sec.
A/D conversion: 40 MHz / 8-bit
Image display: black-and-white
Processor: Cygnal C8051F226 25 MHz
Flash EPROM: 64 Kbytes flash EPROM data
Process interface: 1 inputs / 4 outputs, optically decoupled 12 V to 24 V, outputs 3x150 mA
Serial interface: RS232 max. 115200 baud max
Power supply: built-in switching power supply
Supply voltage: 10V +/-20% (max. 30 V) , DC, max. 350 mA
Operating temperature: 0 C to 45 C, 80% relative humidity, non-condensing
Storage temperature: -20 C to 60 C, 90% relative humidity, non-condensing
Thermal resistance: camera body temperature to ambient air = 4K/W
Vibrations: < 7g (11 - 200 Hz)
Lens connection: CMOUNT
Back focal length: Infinite

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