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VSE CMV 1000 Line Scan Width Sensor

Width measurement of sheet or strip products is critical to manufacturers. Tight margins and ever-increasing demand for quality make it imperative that processes operate at top speed and efficiency. Measurement of products ranging from extruded shapes to flat objects moving at high speeds presents problems that classic width measurement systems are unable to solve.
VSE's new Width Measurement Line Scan Sensors assist with the difficult management of width measurement problems. They provide low maintenance and easy-to-operate width measurement systems utilizing high speed non contact line scan sensors. From blown film to high-speed coil processing lines, these systems are versatile enough for the most demanding measurement environment. With resolutions up to 0.02 inch [0.51mm], the CMV 1000 meets the accuracy requirements of virtually any application.

The CMV System consists of a digital control interface, readout and warning system - Model CMV 1000 WSCPU supporting two CMV 1000 line scan sensors. The function of the Model CMV 1000 WSCPU is to process the measurement from the sensors and present the results in a convenient format. Because the Model CMV 1000 WSCPU measurement processor can be supplied with special programming to meet specific needs, it is an extremely flexible and versatile tool for configuring measurement data and control outputs. Contact us for more information info@vseltd.

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