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Vision Systems Engineering Ltd. is always in the quest of offering to our customers the most recent and up-to-date information about it's products and services. Here you will find a list of recent media coverage and other activities that we are currently involved in. Please feel free to browse through the page, where you may find articles or topics that interest you.

The latest news from VSE ...

Press release 2/8/02
Version 1.0 of the InteliCount software is now available. New features include:

Demo mode - is now fully implemented on the PC, even when the CMV100 is not connected.


Page 51, Vision Systems Design, Feb. 1997.


The AutoItalia championship is a circuit race series for Italian cars from Ferraris to Fiats and includes Italian based replicas or kit cars. The championship is contested at circuits throughout England and is always close and very exciting. Uniquely in British motor racing the slower cars start at the front of the grid with the faster cars chasing them from behind. This produces spectacular results and great spectator interest.

Here's are the results of the schedule for the UK AutoItalia Championship, in which VSE participates as sponsors:

March 7th Donington WON Class ! 32 points *
March 21st Brands Hatch WON Class ! 32 points *
April 2nd Snetterton WON Class ! 30 points *
April 25th Cadwell WON Class ! 30 points *
May 31st Mallory DNF 20 points
July 3/4th Castle Combe WON VClass! 32 points *
July 24th Oulton WON Class ! 32 points *
August 7/8th Croft DNF 14 points
August 30th Snetterton DNF 10 points *
September 25/26th Silverstone WON Class! 30 points
** Fastest qualifying laps = 2 points

Well done Jon!! As a result of Jon's exceptional year and his pending decision on next years racing schedule VSE is increasing the sponsorship interest in Jon's effort. Will next years car have a bigger engine? Will next years car be altogether different and race in a different class? Check back here to find out what changes are in store.

And here is a snapshot of the VSE sponsored car in action, driven by Jon Elbra:

Jon.gif (111747 bytes)


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