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VSEOCR now consists of three library modules.
The core library is the OCR engine. In addition,
there are two additional modules that provide a
variety of addtional functions that can be used in
a variety of ways as a complete solution.

New features .....

Adjustable aspect ratio control
Character fill
Orphan pixel removal
Enhanced character segmentation
Additional threshold method
Gradient edge detection
15 color planes - program accessible
Image rotation
Angle calculation - Hough Transform
Dense "blob" locating
Erosion Filter
Dilation Filter
Opening Filter
Closing Filter
8 bit and 32 bit image support
Normal and inverted image support
Numerous DIB functions
Display trained font from stored data

Three versions are now available:
For the CMV and VC38. (some features not available)
For the CMV 100 or M40. (some features not available)
For the PC with a Mutech 510 frame grabber.


Last Updated Feburary 2002

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