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Vision Systems Engineering Ltd. has a wide variety of products to offer for all your vision needs. From frame-grabbers and software to complete solutions, we strive to offer you a one stop shop for all your requirements.

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At Vision Systems Engineering Ltd. our expertise lies in design, development and implementation of small to large machine vision projects. Our team of specialists utilize their expertise, to deploy your projects well ahead of time, and continue to assist by providing the best technical support within our "Quality Improvement Program".

Machine vision applications, are by far the most stringent, in terms of usability, accuracy, speed, and data processing. Complex inspections require a combination of different tools, and it is of paramount importance that they be chosen intelligently. Critical amongst other things, is the interaction between the various tools selected, and how best their features are utilized. Perhaps the analysis has been conducted in the appropriate manner, but the data extracted is not handled correctly. A combination of these issues, if not handled correctly, result in a slow inspection and finally a meaningless application. We at Vision Systems Engineering Ltd., use our expertise to first thoroughly analyze the application, and then recommend the appropriate software to be used. Our experience in developing applications for this Industry help us in deciding the best tools required for your application.
Imaging technology, be it for machine vision applications or only for research depends vastly on the kind of hardware used. Using the right camera, frame-grabber, lenses and lighting, all play an important role in making your application a successful one. We are dealers in the northwest region for a number of manufacturers, which can broadly be classified into three main categories.


In the vision Industry, many an application has failed due to the incorrect choice of camera. For if the camera is to submit a noisy image, there is little that the frame-grabber or software can do to rectify it. Points to consider before making a decision include:

Whether gray-scale or color is required
Whether the camera required should be digital or not
Whether the application requires an external or internal trigger
Whether the application justifies a line-scan or progressive-scan camera

Presently the types of Cameras we manufacture are CMV, CMV 100, CMV 1000, just to name a few.


Lenses also play an important role in bringing a perfect image onto the computer, in any kind of vision application. Previously a user was restricted in choice, by having to settle for lenses provided by the camera manufacturer. But with the advent of the universal c-mount, a user can opt for the best mix-and-match for the perfect combination of sensor and lens. Points to consider before making a decision include:

Target-to-lens distances that the application demands
Whether there are any size constraints
Whether the lenses field of view will cover the scope of the object
Whether there is a possibility of focal point variations

Presently the brands of lenses we offer are Fuji, Javelin, as well as others.


. With improper lighting, even the best brands of frame-grabbers, sensors and lenses can do little. Presently, the lighting Industry has moved in leaps and bounds to provide a wide variety of specialized lighting for your application. The special types available today include, diffused lighting, high-frequency fluorescence lighting, strobe lighting, and several others. The points to consider before making a choice include:

Reflectivity of the object
Whether the surface of the object is flat or not
Whether the application demands front, back, or indirect lighting
Space availability

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We at Vision Systems Engineering Ltd. are here to provide you with the answers for all such queries. Just call in and let us know the details of your application and we shall recommend the suitable setup for you.


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